Uganda | the world of amazing waterfalls – (17 falls to see)


Uganda | the world of amazing waterfalls – (17 falls to see)
Uganda | the world of amazing waterfalls – (17 falls to see).



Uganda’s waterfalls are the most spectacular in Africa. Uganda has a lot of great waterfalls, but some are more popular than others. Here is our list of 17 falls you should visit when in Uganda.



Murchison Waterfalls

Murchison Waterfalls
Murchison Waterfalls.







The Murchison Falls is a waterfall on the River Nile in Uganda. It is located about 100 kilometres (62 mi) north of the capital Kampala.

The falls are named after Sir Roderick Murchison, president of the Royal Geographical Society at the time of their discovery.

The Waterfalls are in the midst of a rain forest rich with wildlife, much of it unique to the area. The cliff surrounding the falls is covered in vines and forest ferns.

The cliffs are rich in bird life including horn-bills and many other species. In addition to birds, there are also many butterflies.


Things to do: Some of the activities that can be carried out at Murchison falls consist of; kayaking, angling as well as water rafting.



The Sipi Falls

Waterfalls: The Sipi Falls
The Sipi Falls.







Sipi Falls in Eastern Uganda take the award for being the most stunning falls in the nation. The Falls which are a series of 3 waterfalls in Kapchorwa district pick their water as it streams from the inclines of Mount Elgon.

A visit to the waterfalls provides you a possibility to check out the surrounding locations at a high peak as you delight in the view of the region, Mount Kenya and Eastern Uganda.

Things to do:
There are various activities that you can carry out when you go to the Sipi Falls and these consist of; Mountain bike auto racing, Bird viewing, and photography. Abseiling down the primary falls is also one more exciting experience for anyone feeling daring.



Ssezibwa Waterfalls

Ssezibwa Waterfalls
Ssezibwa Waterfalls.







Found on the Ssezibwa River, the Ssezibwa waterfalls drop over vibrant quartzite rocks prior to dividing into two, which gives a great view.

Affixed to standard beliefs according to Baganda custom, the tale of how these falls began is quite fascinating.

It is believed that hundreds of years back, a lady from the Chibe (fox) clan of Buganda, called Nakangu, gave birth to twins. Among them was not human as normally expected, but instead a twin river– called Ssezibwa.

Provided the deeply imprinted African belief in the super-ordinary, the birth of twins in most Ugandan societies, Buganda inclusive, is considered a visitation of the gods.

Twins are actually related to a physical manifestation of the gods, and among others a spiritual goodhearted gift.


Things to do: The various activities that can be done at the Ssezibwa Falls consist of; boat riding, kayaking, angling to name a few activities.



Kisizi Falls

Waterfalls: Kisizi Falls
Kisizi Falls.







Bordered by gorgeous landscapes of forests, Kisizi Falls lies in a really isolated location deep in the Kigezi hills. The 30 meters high falls lies on the Kyebambe River in Rukungiri district.


Things to do: The different activities that can be carried out when you visit Kisizi falls consist of; sky trail, bird watching, walk through the Kisizi falls cave to get a clear view of the falls, hiking and forest walks around the Falls.

Mpanga Waterfalls

Waterfalls: Mpanga Waterfalls
Mpanga Waterfalls.







Located in Eastern Uganda – Fort Portal District, the Mpanga Falls symbolizes the river Mpanga that streams right into Lake George.

Also called the Beaton falls; Mpanga Falls rise up to 50 meters, producing beautiful landscapes because of the rocks in the location.

It rushes in the direction of Lake George via a rocky gorge of exotic spray forest of cycad, a species endemic to Mpanga Canyon, to the remarkable Mpanga Falls.

The canyon encloses the falls and the falls sustain the lush spray woodland.


Things to do: A few of the things you can do right here, consist of; bird viewing, the Cycad trees as well as boat riding among others.



Itanda Falls in Jinja

Itanda Falls in Jinja
Itanda Falls in Jinja.







Itanda falls is a natural waterfall that is located in Jinja, Uganda. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive waterfalls in Uganda.

The name is derived from the word “itanda”, which means “waterfall” in Luganda. Itanda waterfall comprises a series of waterfalls that cascade down the Itanda escarpment, and then over a steep cliff into the Nile river.

The best time to see Itanda Falls is during the rainy season. During the wet season, water rushes down the falls in great quantities creating a pleasant atmosphere.

The rocks around the falls are also more slippery during this time, so be careful when walking.


Things to do: Itanda falls is characterized by all the 6 Whitewater rafting levels. It is a heaven for Kayakers and rafters, once visited by Royal prince Williams of Great Britain.

Other tourist attractions in this place consist of; Monkeys, Nile monitors, Baboons, snakes and a variety of birds. Traditional cultural dancers are additionally available to delight guests at a tiny cost.



Karuma Waterfalls

Karuma Waterfalls
Karuma Waterfalls.







Karuma waterfalls are located along the Kampala– Gulu Highway, immediately south of where the highway goes across the River Nile.

The fall is about 97 kilometres (60 mi), by road, northeast of Masindi and also around 77 kilometres (48 mi), by road, south of Gulu, the biggest city in Northern Uganda.

Karuma falls is the location of Karuma Power Station, the largest hydro-power project in Uganda with an intended capacity of 600 megawatts.


 Things to do: Karuma falls is one of the most stunning attractions for visitors that visit Murchison falls National Park.

The falls are not particularly large, but they are beautiful and worth visiting, especially in the rainy season when rainwater tips over the edge of the falls.

The best time to visit Karuma Falls is during the rainy season, between March and May. During these months, you’re likely to see rainbows forming over the falls, which makes for great photography opportunities.



Nkusi Falls

Water falls: Nkusi Falls
Nkusi Falls.







Nkusi waterfalls is a getaway to your own enchanting falls, the journey to Nkusi falls takes you to Hoima district, in Bugoma forest – approximately 4-hours drive and 248 km from Kampala, the Capital of Uganda.

The falls are a must-visit due to the experience, the nature, the water, the rock, the lake, the sound and also environment, not neglecting the gorgeous views among a lot of one-of-a-kind features you would like to record while on your vacation in Western Uganda.


Things to do: Due to the fact that they are located at the deeply separated area within the Bugoma forest, Nkusi falls are the most covert jewels of western Uganda.

You can only access the falls by boat, from Ntoroko to the falls by sailing on Lake Albert.

Nonetheless, it provides various different activities; such as bird watching, sightseeing and tour, swimming, and also sunbathing.

A lot more interesting is the rate at which water strikes the rocky ground, making that rotary sound.



Ripon Falls

Waterfalls: Ripon Falls
Ripon Falls.







Ripon Falls lie on the Victoria Nile at Jinja, Uganda, just below the river’s electrical outlet from Lake Victoria.

It is about 16 feet (5 meters) high and 900 feet (275 meters) large and they have actually been immersed by the Nalubaale (formerly Owen Falls) Dam, finished in 1954.

The falls were visited by the British explorer John Hanning Speke in 1862 and were named after the then undersecretary of state for India, George Frederick Samuel Robinson, and also first marquess of Ripon (1827– 1909).


Things to do: Sightseeing of huge water flow, the meeting point of water from Ripon falls to River Nile, amazing locations, dews of freshwater, aesthetic sceneries, birds watching, catchy sounds of the water flows.


Owen Falls

Waterfalls: Owen Falls
Owen Falls.







The Owen Falls was a waterfall on the White Nile in Uganda near the city of Jinja. The falls, together with the nearby Ripon Falls, were submerged in 1954 with the completion of the Nalubaale Hydroelectric Power Station.

The dam that houses the power station was originally named Owen Falls Dam, but was later renamed Nalubaale Dam and the name of the power station was also changed, from Owen Falls Power Station to Nalubaale Power Station.


Things to do:  Enjoy watching the great waterfall, amazing locations, dews of freshwater, aesthetic sceneries, birds watching, Picnic spots, huge water release at specific timings, catchy sounds of water flow.


Aruu Waterfalls

Waterfalls: Aruu Falls
Aruu Falls.







Located in northern Uganda within Pader District, the Aruu falls are about four and half kilometres from the Pader-Kitgum highway.

Aruu falls lie in the middle of a forested area and the incorporating area is lived in by the Acholi and Langi people who are mostly peasant farmers.

The beautiful cascading Aruu falls are amongst the concealed treasures in the nation that are worthy visiting on your safari in Uganda. Regardless of their breathtaking appeal, they are not a commonly visited site.

Nonetheless, they make an ideal stopover or day trip site for anyone on Safari to Murchison Falls National Park from Kidepo National Park or the other way around.


Things to do: Picnic lunches, nature walks, visit the local Market, photography, bird watching, swimming and rock climbing.


Bwindi Falls

Waterfalls: Bwindi Falls
Bwindi Falls.







One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Uganda, the Bwindi falls are a series of waterfalls on the edge of the rain forest in southwestern Uganda. They are among the most spectacular natural sights in Africa, and they offer a wealth of biodiversity.

The Bwindi falls plunge down over 635 feet (194 m) and cover a distance of nearly two miles (3 km). The Bwindi falls are located within the Albertine rift valley, which was formed by a tectonic plate rupture that occurred approximately three million years ago.


Things to do: Gorilla trekking, this is the number 1 of the top 8 activities in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Gorilla habituation, bird watching, the Batwa cultural experience, forest walks/hiking, Mountain biking, Buhoma community walks, Lake Mutanda visit.



Busowoko Waterfalls

Waterfalls: Busowoko Waterfalls
Busowoko Waterfalls.







They are one of the last waterfalls remaining on the upper Victoria Nile. The others have disappeared under its backed-up waters.

Busowoko Falls is located downstream on River Nile, some 19kms from Jinja City in Bususwa/Bukongo village just after Namavundu Forest. Its located off the rugged Kimaka-Budondo-Kibibi road.

As mentioned above, they are one of the last major falls on the River Nile after several others including the once-famous Bujagali Falls were drowned out by Hydro-Electric Power Dams. This only makes it more special.

Since it became popular in 2019, the falls attract hundreds of revelers mostly on weekends. The rushing waters, coupled with scenic views for photo ops give the place an aura of mystic and attraction.

On an average weekend, you will find dozens of mostly young revelers enjoying the scenery, taking pictures with an occasional dip into the rushing waters.


Things to do: A hidden gem, Busoowoka Falls is an awesome place to visit with friends and family. It’s a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. And it’s not too far from Kampala, either.

There are lots of fun activities you could do there. You could go trekking, swimming, or simply take nice photos.



Sisiyi Falls

Waterfalls: Sisiyi Falls
Sisiyi Falls.







Sisiyi Falls is a stunning phenomenon destination that stands out from a distance as you take the freeway from Mbale to the areas of Sironko, Bulambuli, Kapchorwa as well as Moroto.

The apparent white patch diminishing the side of the rock outshines a lush green back covering this area of the Elgon Mountains.

They are among the less visited as well as the very least documented and never ever runs dry, come rain come shine.


Things to do:  The interesting activities to enjoy at the waterfalls consist of; nature walks/hiking, bird watching and also rock climbing to the top of the loss (at 110 meters high).



Griffin Falls

Waterfalls: Griffin Falls
Griffin Falls.







Griffin Falls Camp, also known as Mabira Forest Camp is located on the edge of a large trail system in the attractive Mabira Forest.

After a stunning 30 min stroll through the pristine tropical rain forest, you get to the breathtaking Griffin Falls.

An additional hour, up the trail and you can reach Namusa Hill for an overnight experience, or simply a longer trek.

Whatever your passions are, you’ll never ever run out of ways to take pleasure in the beautiful forest.

The camp is comfortably located just 10 km off the highway between Kampala and Jinja.

After an outstanding experience in the forest, you can really feel excellent about where your money winds up because all the earnings from Griffin Falls Camp are placed right into lasting growth projects in the villages in and around Mabira Forest.


Things to do: the activities at Griffin falls include; ziplining, archery, forest walks, bird watching and team building activates.


Bulambuli falls

Waterfalls: Bulambuli falls
Bulambuli falls.







Balumbuli lies within a one-hour’s drive from Mbale city. Its critical location makes it really feasible to spend an evening in Mbale and go hiking in Bulambuli in the early morning.

Sipi falls is the hiking king of the East yet before getting to Sipi drops in Kapchorwa district; You can take into consideration a stop at Bulambuli falls.

There are a series of 4 popular waterfalls in Bulambuli; Nakifumbuko, Golobetei, Gibanyi, and Gibuzare falls. Unfortunately, these waterfalls are still unidentified to several having actually lived in the shadows of Sipi falls.


Things to do: the main activities at Bulambuli falls are hiking and bird watching.


Wanale Waterfalls

Waterfalls: Wanale Falls
Wanale Falls.







Wanale Ridge Water Falls is an incredible waterfall where water cascades over 6864 feet, 2092 meters down the large cliff rock wall surface onto the valley. The Sipi Falls is found a few kilometres away.

The Ridge lies about 6 kilometres from Mable town in Eastern Uganda.


Things to do: the main activities here include; hiking, experiencing local life and bird watching.


Conclusion: Uganda has a lot more to offer than just gorillas and chimpanzees. The country is also home to some of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world. If you are looking for an adventure and are ready to get away from it all, Uganda is where you need to be. Come chase waterfalls with us now!


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